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Volume 15, No. 1 - January, 2017

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4 Discovering Privacy—or the Lack Thereof
James Pomykalski, Susquehanna University

12 A Mindful Approach to Teaching Emotional Intelligence to Undergraduate Students Online and in Person
Jami L. Colter, Siena College
Dan DiTursi, Siena College
Ira Goldstein, Siena College
Jeff Yates, Siena College
Deb Delbelso, Siena College

26 Closing the Gender Gap in the Technology Major
Laura Jung, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Ulku Clark, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Laurie Patterson, University of North Carolina Wilmington
Toni Pence, University of North Carolina Wilmington

42 Facebook Enhanced College Courses and the Impact of Personality on Sense of Classroom Community
Casimir C. Barczyk, Purdue University Northwest
Doris G. Duncan, California State University, East Bay

55 Cloud Computing e-Communication Services in the University Environment
Rob Babin, Ryerson University
Branka Halilovic, Ryerson University

68 The Role of Industry Certifications in an AACSB-Accredited Institution
David L. Gomillion, Northern Michigan University

80 Programming in the IS Curriculum: Are Requirements Changing for the Right Reason?
John H. Reynolds, Grand Valley State University
D. Robert Adams, Grand Valley State University
Roger C. Ferguson, Grand Valley State University
Paul M. Leidig, Grand Valley State University

86 Towards Improved Student Experiences in Service Learning in Information Systems Courses
Olga Petkova, Central Connecticut State University


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The Information Systems Education Journal (ISEDJ) is a peer reviewed journal published six times per year that focuses on IS education including (but not limited to) model curriculum, outcomes assessment, distance education challenges, capstone and service learning projects, security, and information system research toward educators. Accepted papers are peer reviewed to determine quality and level of contribution. This submission process is integrated with the EDSIG Conference on Information Systems & Computing Education (EDSIGCON)


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