Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 22

V22 N2 Pages 13-29

May 2024

An Experiential Learning Approach to the Introduction to Business Course

Bret Wagner
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI USA

Melissa Intindola
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA USA

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a multi-year effort to redesign the introduction to business course at Western Michigan University. ScrimmageSIM, a business simulation that emulates commercial ERP systems, provides the core experience in the course and is a mechanism for students to develop their understanding of business with a focus on quantitative analysis. The design and implementation of the simulation experience follows the experiential learning spiral, as students run the simulation five times with increasingly complex scenarios. The overall design of the course is competency-based, as students have the opportunity to redo many of the course assignements to earn a better grade. The simulation experience, combined with competency-based design of the course, has resulted in a more rigorous course with students earning grades that are better than they were with the previous curriculum.

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Recommended Citation: Wagner, B., Intindola, M., (2024). An Experiential Learning Approach to the Introduction to Business Course. Information Systems Education Journal 22(2) pp 13-29.