Information Systems Education Journal

Volume 22

V22 N3 Pages 25-35

Jul 2024

Teaching Data Literacy Using Titanic Survival Factors

Mark Sena
Xavier University
Cincinnati, OH USA

Thilini Ariyachandra
Xavier University
Cincinnati, OH USA

Abstract: The Titanic disaster is a topic that continues to fascinate. As the importance of analytics continues to grow in industry, data literacy skills have become increasingly important in business education. This project allows students to use the passenger data from the Titanic to build their data literacy skills using an engaging, experiential topic. The project requires students to extract, transform, describe, analyze, and draw conclusions regarding the factors that impacted survival on the Titanic. The project can be deployed using various application software and tools. We describe how the assignment can be completed using Excel, Tableau, and Python (using the Pandas library).

Download this article: ISEDJ - V22 N3 Page 25.pdf

Recommended Citation: Sena, M., Ariyachandra, T., (2024). Teaching Data Literacy Using Titanic Survival Factors. Information Systems Education Journal 22(3) pp 25-35.